another option is FPDF from www.fpdf.org another class

the classes are nice since they don't generally require the module to be 

If you are on Linux, another option might be FOP... 

  I checked out the first link you provided, and downloaded it. I don't

think I need to edit anything else from the file according to the

webpage http://www.digitaljunkies.ca/dompdf/install.php. I put the

entire extracted directory at my /var/www/html directory. Is there any

suggestion you could provide on how to "install" it? I don't see any commands 
that it provides in its manual.

Thanks for your help.
Its a class set of files, so there is no real install. I just placed the folder 
containing the class files in my dir and in the calling page, required() the 
main file. 

The dompdf.inc.php file is where i handle the filesystem links
Looks like the files I wanted to turn into PDF are not web pages, but most of 
them are text files. I am still hoping to use the function pdf_new to get this 
to work by assembling some modules. Is what I am trying to do here not possible?

Thanks for your help.



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