On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 10:06:32AM -0400, Alice Wei wrote:

> Hi, 
>   I use Linux, and I had installed PHP using yum install php. I am trying to 
> use the pdf_new function to create pdfs from existing text files, but I get 
> this error 
>     PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function pdf_new() 
> I have noticed that when I run the phpinfo() command, I cannot find the PDF 
> phrase at all. My php.ini file does not even have these two lines 
>   extension=php_pdf.dll
>   extension=php_cpdf.dll
> Could anyone suggest me what kind of command I should use if I need to build 
> PDFs using PHP on a Linux system?
> Thanks in advance. 
> Alice

According to php.net, if you've installed PHP5 (which I assume is the
case, since you used Yum to install it), you should not be using the
pdf_new() function, but instead use the OO version:

$pdf = new pdflib();

All this assumes that the PDFLib extension is actually installed. The
documentation at php.net is a little confusing about whether this is an
actual extension or not. Personally, I just install the add-on for this.

Paul M. Foster

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