Chris napsal(a):
Martin Zvarík wrote:
Is it smart to use all of this on one page?
Or should I rather do one SQL and let PHP count it?

$q = $DB->q("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM comments");
$int_total = $DB->frow($q);

$q = $DB->q("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM comments WHERE approved IS NULL");
$int_waiting = $DB->frow($q);

$q = $DB->q("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM comments WHERE approved=0");
$int_deleted = $DB->frow($q);

$q = $DB->q("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM comments WHERE approved=1");
$int_approved = $DB->frow($q);

$q = $DB->q("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM comments WHERE approved=2");
$int_banned = $DB->frow($q);

Each one of these probably going to scan the whole table because the approved column isn't going to be selective enough to use an index.

You might be better off doing:

select approved, count(*) from comments group by approved;

then in php separating them out:

while ($row = $DB->frow($q)) {
  switch ($row['approved']) {
     case null:
       $waiting = $row['count'];
     case 0:
       $deleted = $row['count'];
     case 1:
       $approved = $row['count'];

$total = $waiting + $approved + $deleted;

Duh, of course, thanks :)

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