Justin Farnsworth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

 > We do this with mail() now and then.
 > The caution about doing "periodic pauses" may be important.
 > A few years ago I crashed a mail server by doing a mass email
 > with no sleep() embedded.
 > However, FWIW, not more than a month or so ago, just for the heck of
 > it, for a message that went to "only" about 2500, I took sleep()
 > out.  I don't know what sendmail woes on our mail server running
 > Linux 6.2, but it did things gracefully, queued things up somehow,
 > and didn't choke.  I have no idea what our mail server would do
 > with 100,000, though...

also depends if you only have 'valid' email addresses in your
database, means email addresses that actually excists and not just
[EMAIL PROTECTED], if you have 2000 of them and all are thrown in
your queue sendmail may choke a little more on 2500 messages, than if
all goes right through. Or am I wrong?

Henrik Hansen

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