on 03/17/2009 10:14 AM Manoj Singh said the following:
> I am creating a page which submits the form through Ajax request & the
> submitted page is sending the mails to n number of users. Now until the mail
> sends or the page process completed the end user has to wait.
> Is it possible that server sends the response to the client & then start
> processing so that the client doesn't have to wait for the server response.

You will need to use AJAX/COMET requests. Regular XMLHttpRequest AJAX
requests will not do because when you send the AJAX response your script

With AJAX/COMET requests you can send several responses to the same
request without exiting the script, so you can show progress report.

Take a look at these articles:



This forms class comes with an AJAX/COMET plug-in that allows you to
show progress of a task running on the server without page reloading in
a single request.


Here is is a live example script that show progress of a task running on
the server after the form is submitted.



Manuel Lemos

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