Per Jessen schreef:
> Waynn Lue wrote:
>> (Apologies for topposting, I'm on my blackberry). Hm, so you think
>> exiting from the child thread causes the db resource to get reclaimed?
> Yeah, something like that. The connection is definitely closed when the
> child exits.

I can confirm this. you definitely need to open a connection for each child 
if you require a db connection in the parent process, you should close
it before forking (and then reopen it afterwards if you still need it).

at least that's what I found I had to do when I ran into this.
incidently my forking loop looks like this, very interested to know if
Per can spot any obvious stupidity:

$childProcs = array();
do {
    if (count($childProcs) <= $maxChildProcs) {
        $site = array_shift($sites);
        $pid  = pcntl_fork();
    } else {
        // stay as parent, no fork, try to reduce number of child processes
        $site = null;
        $pid  = null;

    switch (true) {
        case ($pid === -1):
            cronLog("error: (in {$thisScript}), cannot initialize worker 
process in order to run {$script} for {$site['name']}");

        case ($pid === 0):
            // we are child

            $exit   = 0;
            $output = array();

            // do we want to exec? or maybe include?
            if ($doExec) {
                exec($script.' '.$site['id'], $output, $exit);
            } else {
                $output = inc($script);
                $output = explode("\n", $output);

            if ($exit != 0)
                cronLog("error: (in {$thisScript}), {$script} reported an error 
($exit) whilst processing for {$site['name']}",);

            foreach ($output as $line)


            // we are parent
            $childProcs[] = $pid;

            do {
                $status = null;
                while (pcntl_wait($status, WNOHANG | WUNTRACED) < 1)

                foreach ($childProcs as $k => $v)
                    if (!posix_kill($v, 0)) // send signal 'zero' to check 
whether process is still 'up'
                        unset($childProcs[ $k ]);

                $childProcs = array_values($childProcs);

                if (count($sites))
                    break; // more sites to run the given script for
                if (!count($childProcs))
                    break; // no more sites to run the given script for and all 
children are complete/dead

            } while (true);

    if (!count($sites))
        break; // nothing more to do

} while (true);

> /Per

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