Jochem Maas wrote:

> Per Jessen schreef:
>> Waynn Lue wrote:
>>> (Apologies for topposting, I'm on my blackberry). Hm, so you think
>>> exiting from the child thread causes the db resource to get
>>> reclaimed?
>> Yeah, something like that. The connection is definitely closed when
>> the child exits.
> I can confirm this. you definitely need to open a connection for each
> child process. if you require a db connection in the parent process,
> you should close it before forking (and then reopen it afterwards if
> you still need it).

Yep, exactly my thinking. 

> at least that's what I found I had to do when I ran into this.
> incidently my forking loop looks like this, very interested to know if
> Per can spot any obvious stupidity:

I doubt it. 
I can't quite follow your code after the pcntl_wait where you've got a
pcntl_kill(), but it looks like an insurance policy?  "just in case" ?


Per Jessen, Zürich (7.0°C)

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