PJ wrote:
I have been tearing out my hair to figure out a way to place array
values into $variables with not much luck. I can echo the array to the
screen but I can not manipulate the results.
I have searched wide and far all day on the web and I find nothing that
points the way how to extract values from an associative array and
assign them to a variable.
I expected to find some elegant way to do it. Here's the code that
outputs the values:
if ( isset( $book_categories[$bookID] ) ) {
   foreach ( $book_categories[$bookID] AS $categoryID ) {
      if ( isset( $category[$categoryID] ) ) {

Same as other variable assignment.

if ( isset( $category[$categoryID] ) ) {
    $myvar = $category[$categoryID];

echo $myvar . "<br/>";

Doing it with a multi-dimensional array is no different to a result set from a database or any other scenario.

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