Hello folk,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Cesar Rodas, a young guy from
Paraguay who wants to propose an idea for the GSoC2009.

The purpose of this project is to implement a pure PHP client and
server API for distributing PHP applications over clusters of back-end
servers that are called by front-end Web servers. The goal is to
provide unlimited scalability to PHP transactional applications
running on busy sites with too many simultaneous users to be handled
by a single front-end Web server.

Some concepts:

- Master process: probably in PHP (with web interface), it will be
responsible to distribute the PHP code to the worker (the "deploy").

- Worker process: in the first stage in PHP (with fork), but then a
multi threaded version coded in C++ with PHPEmbed or in C with its own
SAPI. This process listen a TCP port over TCP, and receive a function
execution request, and execute it and returns its return.

- The client: a PHP script that will exec an RPC,

That is my idea so far, please I'd like to read feedbacks.

Cesar D. Rodas
Phone: +595-961-974165
Samuel Beckett  - "Birth was the death of him."

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