I'm trying to use exec to call gammu.exe and send sms on windows XP.

This works from commandline:

C:\path\to\gammu.exe 1 --sendsms EMS 200 -text "test1 test2"

But if I run it through php like this:

$command = "\"C:\path\to\gammu.exe\" --sendsms EMS 200 -text \"test1
@exec($command, $response, $retval);

This always fails, returns 1 and the response is empty.

If the last argument is a string with no spaces, and the double quotes were
omitted, it works perfectly.

If the double quotes are added around the string with no spaces, it fails
again, which makes me believe that the problem is with the double quotes.

I've used procmon and it shows that when the double quotes are added around
the last argument, gammu.exe is not even called at all.

Problem is that the double quotes are required by gammu to send an sms with
spaces in it.

Any ideas? :-(


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