> That looks nice, but how do I get to the point where I can understand
> how to use it?
> I have also looked at the Smarty site <http://www.smarty.net/>, but
> their documents assume significant experience in building and using
> templates.
> Where can I find guidance or tutorials on how to do all of this,
> starting with only a rudimentary knowledge of HTML and PHP. It would be
> best if they also focused on procedural rather than object oriented
> code.
> Bob McConnell

When I started learning smarty, I spent most of my time doing research
and that's really tiresome and it is so hard to find examples.
Experimented a lot and listed those what's possible, then applied them
to my projects.

Now to make them handy I posted them to my site so i can have a look
whenever and wherever.

As a first step, maybe you should see the crash course at smarty


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