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On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 11:06 AM, Bob McConnell <> wrote:

        From: Virgilio Quilario
        >> That looks nice, but how do I get to the point where I can
        >> how to use it?
        >> I have also looked at the Smarty site
<>, but
        >> their documents assume significant experience in building and
        >> templates.
        >> Where can I find guidance or tutorials on how to do all of
        >> starting with only a rudimentary knowledge of HTML and PHP.
It would
        >> best if they also focused on procedural rather than object
        >> code.
        > When I started learning smarty, I spent most of my time doing
        > and that's really tiresome and it is so hard to find examples.
        > Experimented a lot and listed those what's possible, then
applied them
        > to my projects.
        > Now to make them handy I posted them to my site so i can have
a look
        > whenever and wherever.
        > As a first step, maybe you should see the crash course at
        Hi Virgil,
        After your last post here, I looked at your site, then the
Smarty site.
        That was what triggered this question. Templates are a black art
to me.
        I don't even know where to begin to understand them. Every
reference I
        have looked at so far assumes that I already understand the MVC
        which is also one of the dark arts.
        Let me put it simply. I can't grok OO. I tried to do OOP for
        years, but it simply does not make any sense to me. As a direct
        I don't understand the concept nor application of patterns. So
how do I
        figure out how to use templates without having to absorb those
        Can I learn enough this way to determine if a site can be
converted from
        the current state (PHP and XHTML spaghetti) into templates and
        that transformation?

You really would need to learn those concepts first OOP / MVC. There
 a learning curve, but you really don't need OOP to be able to do an
style application, but it does make the code neater. One of the books that really helped me grok OOP is Head First
is Martin Fowlers Patterns of Enterprise Architecture.
The MVC pattern is explained well in a number of places, but worth
 checking out are both the cakephp framework site and the codeingniter
You'll find that there are people from both camps here, pure OOP and
just as happy with procedural coding styles. Many use both, using
to handle common tasks like DB interaction or filesystem processes.

Yes, I have to deal with both camps here as well. Of five developers
doing PHP at the moment, two are primarily using OOP. But I spent 3.5
years as part of a team developing MS-Windows services in C++. After all
that time, I was only able to write basic functions for others to
convert into methods or classes. I could eventually find my way around
in some of those classes, but it seemed that every time I figured out
what was where, somebody "refactored" a major component and I had to
start all over again. All I saw was a lot of unnecessary overhead and
obfuscation which made little sense in the long run and slowed down both
the development and the application. The result was a handful of DLLs
that are shared between several products, and each time anything is
changed in one of them, every product needs to be retested to make sure
nothing got broke and some have to be recertified for PCI-DSS as well.

So you are telling me that I can forget about trying to use templates.
Since I can not understand OOP, there is no chance I will be able to use

Just knowing that will probably save me several weeks of frustration.

Thank you,

Bob McConnell

Well think of the positive side that you don't need to write in OOP in order to use Smarty. Think it just like a class used for displaying the output (simply put).

At least I've been doing this for some time now (the non-OOP part).

I have a feeling that someone coming from the procedural way of programming would have problems probably with the templates instead of the development part.


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