Kyohere Luke wrote:
> Thanks, but I tried this. Doesn't work because the path\to\gammu.exe has
> spaces in it....
> Haliphax, thanks for your comments. I tried escapeshellarg() to no end.
> I'm exploring your reply regarding proc_open, but how exactly does proc_open
> separate the arguments from the command?
> Unless i'm mistaken, data written to the process's stdin (for the other
> process) is not treated like an argument.
> If I add the arguments to the process name/path? I'm back to square one.
> Luke
Well, I don't think you stated that at first, on the text message had
spaces.  Try:

$command = '"C:\path with spaces\gammu.exe" --sendsms EMS 200 -text
"test1 test2"';

If not, you can use the good old:

$command = 'C:\pathwi~1\gammu.exe --sendsms EMS 200 -text "test1 test2"';


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