Kyohere Luke wrote:
> You might have something there - never really thought about how windows
> forms the 8.3 names... & not many resources online about it ...
> The actual path is "c:\Program File\Gammu 1.23.91\bin\gammu.exe"
> I'd used "c:\Progra~1\Gammu~1\bin\gammu.exe"

You take the first 6 characters (ignoring spaces) and then add a tilde ~
and a number.  The number will increment for another directory
alphabetically after the one with the 1 if it reduces to the same 6
characters and so on.

Yours would most likely be: c:\Progra~1\Gammu1~1\bin\gammu.exe

Unless some other directory is alphabetically before one of those and
reduces to the same 6 characters.  For example if you have a c:\Program
or a c:\Program File\Gammu 1.111

I'm pretty sure the dir command will show you the 8.3 name.


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