scubak1w1 wrote:
> Hello,
> I was/am using the excellent tutorial over at 
> to get PHP5.2.9 up 
> and running on Server '08 and IIS7.
> All was working well, got my site migrated across, code was working, 
> data coming and going out of PostgreSQL in the back end, etc, etc...
> So time to move another couple of sites to the install... and here is 
> where I started to stumble - namely, IIS always 'calls' the PHP file in 
> the first/original site's 'wwwroot' directory, even from other sites 
> 'based' in other directories!? (assuming there is a PHP file there with 
> the *same* name...)
> That is, if you go to a PHP page on ANY of the sites with, say, the name 
> 'test.php' the PHP page that is displayed is the 'test.php' site on the 
> FIRST site created in the original 'wwwroot', not the 'test.php' in the 
> different directory for that site!!??
> ASP, HTM, etc files are working as you would expect, that is calling 
> them from the 'correct' site
> I am thinking that 'PHP via Fast CGI' is somehow erroneously defaulting 
> to the always 'calling' the PHP files of the same name in 'wwwroot'??
> I went back to the same (default) application pool rather than one for 
> every site - as I saw that hinted it as an issue onlin - but with no 
> luck...
> Any advice or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated, 'cause I am 
> stuck!
> Note that I am a geologist who now does GIS, data management, web pages, 
> etc for sharing scientific data... i.e., rather than a system admin; I 
> am very happy to puzzle things out my self, but sometimes I of course 
> get stuck like this due to my lack of specific knowledge! <smile>
> Cheers: GREG... 

I've never done this, but just scanning that link, did you do the
"Per-site PHP process pools" steps?


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