Or I suppose ANY alternatives.

There is Sympa, which seems to have an even worse reputation than
mailman to configure, and the last two seemed to have died for the
most part and have been taken over by mailman...?

Majordomo was last updated in 2000.


Listserv is commercial with a pretty hefty tag. But worth looking
into, I suppose.

It does look like Majordomo 2 has been kept up to date, or at least
their nightly build script has stayed up to date. http://www.mj2.org/

I guess any "Mailing List Manager" would work. It needs to be a
two-way exchange, not like PHPList which is a one-way announcement
type thing.

I am posting to this list because a) it is on topic as I would prefer
a PHP version and b) you can reply to me off-list with non-PHP ideas.

Commercial and free (free/OSS is the best of course) ideas are open.

Also, it must be self-hosted. Due to the content on the mailing list
it cannot be hosted at a third party provider.

I am sure must be many more options out there.

seems to have a lot but most so far appear to be one directional
"newsletter" type programs. I'm looking for a mailman type program.
Perhaps "mailing list manager" is not the right title?

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