Robert Cummings wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-03-20 at 11:34 +0300, OOzy Pal wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have just hired a remote PHP programmer. His main job is web
>> development and applications.
>> I have few concerns, I would be happy if someone can point me to the
>> right direction.
>>    1. How can I provide him the requirements. I mean how can I analyze
>> the site and put everything in writing.
> How would you describe to a person what the problems are or what it is
> you want? Pictures are worth a bazillion muggered up words, use
> screenshots often.
>>    2. How can I estimate manhours.
> If you're not a coder... you can't.
> Even coders often have trouble estimating man hours for a project.
> Cheers,
> Rob.

1 Goes like this:

Boss: I want the site to do this (blah ... blah ...)
Me: Ok, do me a mock up of how you want it to look, and a quick sketch 
<three months later>
Boss: Have you done that site yet?
Me: Yes: here.
Boss: That looks terrible!
Me: Never mind the gloss, look at the functionality!
Boss: But I wanted it to look like those ... pictures ...
Me: ... that you never sent to me ...
Boss: Oh.

2 Goes like this:

Boss: How long will it take to code that up then?
Me: An hour.
Boss: Really?
Me: No, a year.
Boss: Eh?
Me: Actually, somewhere between the two, I suspect...

Boss wanders off, tearing out some more of the little hair remaining...

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