tedd schreef:
> At 11:34 AM +0300 3/20/09, OOzy Pal wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have just hired a remote PHP programmer. His main job is web
>> development and applications.
>> I have few concerns, I would be happy if someone can point me to the
>> right direction.
>>    1. How can I provide him the requirements. I mean how can I analyze
>> the site and put everything in writing.
>>    2. How can I estimate manhours.
>> Is there a sample web site/application anyalsis.
>> Basically, what is provided to the programmers in order for them to
>> start working?
>> -- 
>> OOzy
>> Ubuntu (8.10)
> OOzy:
> If you don't know what you want, then why did you hire a programmer?
> In any event, the first thing you need to do is to pin down what you
> want the site to do. Do you want it to gather emails, or sell a product,
> provide a video, sell your company, tap-dance, or what?
> If you know what you want, then put those objectives in a list of
> requirements. You don't have to be a programmer to know what you want,
> but you must be able to effectively communicate those ideas to the
> programmer so that they can: 1) understand what you want; 2) and can
> tell you if it's possible and what cost and time. I always tell my
> clients that "If they can describe it, then I can do it" -- however,
> some things can take more money/time than they an afford.
> In any event, as a client there are some thing that you need to know:
> http://sperling.com/four-things-clients-should-know.php
> Once you and the programmer understands the other's position and
> expectations (i.e., meeting of the minds), then the programmer should be
> able to determine an approximate number of hours and overall cost for
> the project.
> Here's another thing you must realize -- as the client you can choose:
> Quality; Time; Or Cost as your main concerns, but only two of them --
> not all three. For example, if you want it done quick with high quality,
> then it's going to cost you. If you want high quality and low cost, then
> it's going to take a while. And if you want it done quick with low cost,
> then expect low quality -- and at that point, a respectable programmer
> would normally pass on the project -- professionals don't turn out crap.

speak for yourself ;-)

seriously though, good points.

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