As a matter of fact "DANIEL" .......I AM A REAL PERSON !!!!!

You know, I really hate it that people like YOU reply back to me with your
self-vain - self-important attitudes - and act like no one else on the F-ing
planet has the right to live or even share the same air you breath!!!!

YOU "DANIEL" are NOT that great! You are NO BETTER than me or anyone else

As I CLEARLY state in my email, I work with other web developers in helping
them do small menial work which just consumes their time and I have a crew
of people willing to work and who just want to put FOOD on their TABLES! Do
you understand that "DANIEL"?

No one here is trying to OFFEND DANIEL HIS ALMIGHTY GREATNESS....we're just
all trying to make the economy go around by generating business.......or do
I have to teach you about that as well???

You know, before you go off being nasty about everything and trying to
assert your SELF-appointed importance - why don’t you kindly say - don’t
email us here - of course I will not. I have no interest in causing anyone
any hassles, including myself. 

Had I known I would have met such unkind, unprofessional, self-centered
attitude I wouldn't have even bothered to try to make contact with you. 

This whole attitude of anti-business that's taking place in the world is
just going to lead to Government dependency and elimination of all personal
Freedoms to self-expression and self-reliance. So you may call me a spammer
but I am entitled to try my best to pay my own bills rather than ask for an
Uncle Sam handout. 

I hope the best to all of you and great success to your Families and your

~Samantha (a real person) 

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Engine Optimization Services - March 19th, 2009

    No, you're NOT a real person, and I told you the other day on the
PHP Webmaster list that you are in violation of various laws by
sending this email.  Now I am happily reporting this to the Nevada
State Attorney General's Office and placing you on the RBL's.

    Have a fantastic first day of spring, "Samantha."

On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 10:43, Ginkga Studio  LLC <>
> Today's Date: March 19th, 2009
> Hello,
>      I'm a real person sending you this email - this is an
> initial contact opt-in request for permission to contact you
> for web development services.
> I'm an affordable, independent web developer,
> been in business for about 5 years. Interested in building
> a new website for you or help you on your current site.
> My partner is an SEO professional and has the ability to take
> your site from the bottom of the pile to the top 5 ranks on Google
> within days or weeks, depending on your competition.
> Verifiable solid results - money back guarantee.
> We have also developed other sales-lead systems which
> bring customers to you - all you have to do is
> know who your customers are and we will bring them to you.
> That's a promise. Contact me day or night 1-775-782-6421.
> The great thing about working with an independent is that
> I'm always available.
> # Build a new website for your business or upgrade your
> existing website.
> # Build affordable small-business-specific websites, online
> web-stores and web-based applications to your specifications.
> # Affordable creation of web applications such as MySpace,
> Ebay and YouTube, just to name a few.
> # Build custom web sites for Auto Dealers, Salons,
> Realties/Realtors and other active/interactive businesses.
> # offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services
> that position your site where your customers are looking.
> # Build in FLASH, PHP, HTML, MySQL and much more.
> # Install a content management system so that you can manage
> your website yourself.
> # We offer a lead development program that will actually FIND
> new customers for you! You no longer need to search for new
> customers, we find them for you for a $700 to $1,400 investment.
> No risk warranty on the results - 100% money back guarantee.
> # CAD Drawings to scale. Drawing conversion services, 2D
> Drafting and 3D Modeling, FEA Services, Product Design and
> Development Services.
> # Data Entry Services.
> <<---  1.800.621.3984 or 1.775.782.6421 ---->>
> I am nearly always available 24 hours per day, 6 days per week.
> (closed on Sundays)
> I make it a priority to assist you when you need me.
> All websites that I build are optimized using proper
> keyword density to help achieve optimum search engine
> ranking.
> <<---  24 HOUR SUPPORT - 6 DAYS A WEEK ---->>
> I provide 6 months of FREE small business web hosting
> with any new website. (mass video hosting excluded)
> Each website is marketed for 3 full months with
> advertising and promotions at no additional charge.
> That's FREE hosting for 6 months and FREE advertising for 3 months
> to help your business grow.
> This is my website:
> An estimate for your project can be sent within a few
> hours.
> If you would like to speak with me personally call me
> anytime at: 1-800-621-3984 or direct at 1-775-782-6421.
> I would be more than happy to answer any questions that
> you may have.
> My background is in marketing and most often I am able to assist
> my customers with ideas they had not considered. Most of my
> customers compliment me on the added-values of working with me.
> Email me directly here:
> Best Regards,
> Samantha
> Ginkga Studio,LLC
> Sales/Service
> Phone: 1-800-621-3984
> Phone: 1-775-782-6421
> Email:
> Web:
> To stop all communications from Ginkga
> Studio reply here:
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