Ginkga Studio, LLC schreef:
> As a matter of fact "DANIEL" .......I AM A REAL PERSON !!!!!
> You know, I really hate it that people like YOU reply back to me with your
> self-vain - self-important attitudes - and act like no one else on the F-ing
> planet has the right to live or even share the same air you breath!!!!
> YOU "DANIEL" are NOT that great! You are NO BETTER than me or anyone else
> here. 

oh actually he is. he's inadvertently trained more web-developers than you've
even met ... most likely, and all for free.

funnny thing is with places like (tech mailinglist) this work on a kind of
merit basis. Dan's earned his brownie points and people around hear appreciate
him, we don't know who the frak you are ... so guess what your reply does for 
you &
your business

funnier thing is you posted unsolicited business spam hawking 
to a mailing list full web-developers ... that like selling ice to eskimoes ... 
either laugh at you or ignore you.

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