> Thanks,
> I downloaded Netbeans week or two ago and I found all that. I thought there
> is
> something more advanced (these things have any decent editor/ide (for
> example
> eclipse + pdt also have all that)). We are talking completely different
> level
> of checks :-) In the end I may switch to non-free version of Codenizer
> (unless
> someone points me how to check for at least non-initialized variables with
> Netbeans, and save me 20$ :-)

Hi Hans,

Is this what you are looking for?

Debug PHP code using Xdebug: You can inspect local variables, set
watches, set breakpoints, and evaluate code live. Navigate to
declarations, types and files using Go To shortcuts and hypertext

It is from this url:

Or maybe this.
It highlights those variables not initialized.
See the screencast.

Maybe should try it sometime.

Best wishes,


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