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> This is probably more of a client side programming issue rather than
> something that has to do with PHP. But I figure that some of you might
> have something meaningful to comment.
> I need a way to prevent the download of some images in a web page. I
> also require that these images be presented within the web page. That
> is, I don' want them to be displayed in another window. They should
> remain embedded in the web page along with the rest of the page
> elements.

as in you don't want people to steal them?

the image has to be passed to the browser, so it's gonna be tough. you may
be able to pull it off in specific browsers, but you can't stop someone from
writing their own 'browser' that copies the file to disk as it receives the

i've got a friend that does system work for a place that has artist
portfolio's online so folks can browse images and then purchase the rights
to use them. they've had some problems with folks not paying (imagine that).

they've written a perl program to snoop thru logs and try to track down
folks stealing^w using images without paying for them. it's a fairly
involved process and definitely isn't exact.

anyone else?

> Thanks in advance.

 -- mike cullerton

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