rodrigo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I need a way to prevent the download of some images in a web page. I
> also require that these images be presented within the web page. That
> is, I don' want them to be displayed in another window. They should
> remain embedded in the web page along with the rest of the page
> elements.

I've seen a neat way of ``protecting'' images from download: cut them
up in, say, ten pieces, and display them in a table where each cell
contains a piece.  While this does not really protect the images from
download, one would have to do a certain amount of work to construct
an image from the pieces.

Come to think of it, the easiest way would be to take a screenshot of
the browser window, and just cut the image out.  I don't think
anything at all would protect you from people doing something like
Arcady Genkin
i=1; while 1, hilb(i); i=i+1; end

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