At 9:57 AM +0300 3/22/09, OOzy Pal wrote:
On Sat, Mar 21, 2009 at 6:33 PM, tedd <> wrote:
 > As such, I won't waste my time entertaining any other questions from you.

If I may ask you to use the time that you will not use for asnwering
my questions in reading about relaxation politness.

No matter what type disagreement happend between any two, that does
not give any one of them the right to insult the other.


Two points.

First point:

You asked two questions that implied you were a client seeking advice on how to deal with a programmer. I answered your questions from that perspective (and did a good job of it).

Then you come back with additional information, which you should have provided in your original question. And finally said you really didn't need the information I provided, which leads me to believe that you didn't read it either.

All of which illustrates the main point of my answer, which was basically to *fully* communicate what you want to the programmer. In other words, don't do what you just did!

Second point:

Where in all of this exchange did I insult you? All I did was to identify that you don't know how to ask questions so next time I'll pass on answering yours. That's not an insult, that's a choice.

You say that I should spent time reading about "relaxation politness" (sic) -- what the hell is that? (Rhetorical question) That sounds like the typical fluff from the political correctness crowd. Usually when they're intellectually cornered they resort to "Let's don't discuss your point because you hurt my feelings" nonsense.

In any event, if you're going to continue in this field, I suggest that you improve your communication skills and develop a thicker skin.

Good luck with your remote programmer.



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