On Sun, Mar 22, 2009 at 09:02, tedd <tedd.sperl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Good luck with your remote programmer.

    I second that, "OOzy."  You're going to need all the luck you can
get with the "web development/design business" you apparently "own."
Since you obviously have no clue what it's like to freelance and
instead prefer to attempt to dominate a conversation by asserting your
opinion and ill-perceived fortitude, your "business" web site will
probably only make the top 50 pages on Google by searching for the
name explicitly.  And even then, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that
it's the third or fourth result.  Learn about the business and don't
spit in the face of those who attempt to give you free advice.  Don't
just wake up one morning, register a domain name, and say you own a

    I've seen you on the Apache and Linux kernel lists over the years.
 You know your stuff, and you've been on mailing lists long enough to
know that the kind of attitude you had toward Tedd earlier won't glean
the best results from the other list subscribers.  So why start in
that direction now?  Read Tedd's stuff and learn what you can from it.
 Don't open yourself up to getting flamed and ignored for the rest of
your time here.

</Daniel P. Brown>

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