At 5:04 PM +0100 3/22/09, abdulazeez alugo wrote:
Hi guys,

I need help on something I'm working on and its really eating me up so I'll appreciate any help I can get on it.

I'm writing code for a site that posts a topic for discussion and accepts comments (Just like a parliament).

There are different discussions for every day and the comments should be displayed along with the corresponding topics per day.

Hi Alugo:

I wrote a similar thing for my site, see here:

As you can see, on most pages people can add comment.

Considering such, the most important part I found was designing the tables for the database. I used two tables, which follow showing fields:

id <-- auto-increment id for comments
post_time  <-- time of this post
poster_id  <-- the id from the POSTERS table
page  <-- the page the poster commented on
comment  <-- the actual comment made by the poster
notify_me <-- an option for the poster to select IF they want to be notified of additional posts
approved <-- option for me to use if I want the post to be displayed

id <-- auto-increment id for posters
time <-- time of first post (i.e., registration)
poster  <-- name of poster
email  <-- email of poster (after confirmation of email address)
ip  <-- ip of poster (taken from post)
web_site <-- web site of poster (if given)
banned <-- option for me to use if I want to ban this poster

So as you can see, this is one table for posters and each poster can post many comments (i.e., a "one to many" relationship).

Each time a post is made, the posting method checks the database for poster approval. Either the poster is approved, banned, or yet to be registered -- each path is followed accordingly.

Note as each page is loaded the comments are pulled from the database and shown, or not, depending upon if the poster is approved OR if I have overridden the post. This allows me to ban the post, but not the poster. But in most cases, if the poster post something that I don't like, then the poster is also banned.




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