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You're such an angel. I've tried it your way and it works perfectly well.

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Alugo Abdulazeez
> Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 14:38:01 -0400
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> Subject: Re: [PHP] MYSQL TABLES (One To Many Relationship)
> At 5:04 PM +0100 3/22/09, abdulazeez alugo wrote:
> >Hi guys,
> >
> > I need help on something I'm working on and its really eating me up 
> >so I'll appreciate any help I can get on it.
> >
> >I'm writing code for a site that posts a topic for discussion and 
> >accepts comments (Just like a parliament).
> >
> >There are different discussions for every day and the comments 
> >should be displayed along with the corresponding topics per day.
> Hi Alugo:
> I wrote a similar thing for my site, see here:
> As you can see, on most pages people can add comment.
> Considering such, the most important part I found was designing the 
> tables for the database. I used two tables, which follow showing 
> fields:
> COMMENTS table
> Fields
> id <-- auto-increment id for comments
> post_time <-- time of this post
> poster_id <-- the id from the POSTERS table
> page <-- the page the poster commented on
> comment <-- the actual comment made by the poster
> notify_me <-- an option for the poster to select IF they want to be 
> notified of additional posts
> approved <-- option for me to use if I want the post to be displayed
> POSTERS table
> Fields
> id <-- auto-increment id for posters
> time <-- time of first post (i.e., registration)
> poster <-- name of poster
> email <-- email of poster (after confirmation of email address)
> ip <-- ip of poster (taken from post)
> web_site <-- web site of poster (if given)
> banned <-- option for me to use if I want to ban this poster
> So as you can see, this is one table for posters and each poster can 
> post many comments (i.e., a "one to many" relationship).
> Each time a post is made, the posting method checks the database for 
> poster approval. Either the poster is approved, banned, or yet to be 
> registered -- each path is followed accordingly.
> Note as each page is loaded the comments are pulled from the database 
> and shown, or not, depending upon if the poster is approved OR if I 
> have overridden the post. This allows me to ban the post, but not the 
> poster. But in most cases, if the poster post something that I don't 
> like, then the poster is also banned.
> HTH's
> tedd
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