George Larson wrote:
Well, I was pondering making a recommendation, of sorts.

I work in an environment with various levels of coders, perhaps similar to
your description.  Currently, there are no standards that I have seen.  We
all are bringing our coding habits with us.  I don't know if it is important
that I like lower case variable names with underscores for spaces while the
next guy likes each letter of a new word in uppercase.  However, I can
imagine it getting out of control as the code continues to grow.

I was the former until I started dabbling with JavaScript in DOM2 - now I do the latter a lot, but *sigh* not consistently.

Interestingly, because of wiki's I guess, I'm also using mod_rewrite to do the ThisIsMyWebPage style pages on the server (all files are lower case with proper extension, but mod_rewrite lets you give a better presentation file name for the viewer)

I guess I'm easily corrupted ;)

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