Ok man, I'm sorry.

This post i wrote in a few days ago in my native language. I dont have time 
enough to write in two languages....but who knows in the future i can do it?

I'm sorry about that man,but if you like the post anyway, try something like 
google translator.

Regards,Igor Escobar
systems analyst & interface designer
www . igorescobar . com

Well. Since it's not a common thing on this mailing list to hear someone say 
he's sorry I readily accept your apology and I'll use the google translator as 
you suggested. Come to think of it, arguments almost never end well on this 
list (we just broke the record). Remember the one between Almighty, self 
acclaimed Superstar Dan and Bot Jessica? then there was the one between the 
client who later became the employer and Tedd.


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