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Probably a bit off topic and

The Game is over man.

Javascript coming with flank speed. Next generation JS Framworks will take
html generation jobs from server side.

Whole thing of Server Side MVC and other yada yada was became joke. Those
server siders become JSON pushers for JS frameworks.

Astrosurfing ?

Yeah, just compare PHP mailing list vs Jquery Mailing list activity.

And The New Game just begun...



You seem to suggest the more you do on client side the less you do on the
server. Not sure where you get that from. I'm inclined to think the opposite
- the more you do on the client the more you'll need to do on the server.
Sure there will be certain types of client apps that will all but eliminate
the need for server-side processing, but it's likely more power on the
client will mean internet apps are going to be more powerful all round, both
client and server side.


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