Christoph Boget schreef:
>>> Backslash? Seriously? I'm hurt that my suggestion of "¬" (ASCII170 ?)
>>> wasn't used. :-(
>> Backslash doesn't sound like it will look very pretty
> Windows and DOS have been getting away with it for the last 25+ years
> so why can't PHP get in on that action? :P
> Though I have read the explanation (many, many times) and I still
> don't understand why '::' wasn't used.  MyClass::MyStaticMethod is
> utilizing namespacing. 

it's a serious brain hemoraging affair, I had the honour of digging quite
deep into this with Greg Beaver ... he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that
there we're serious issues ... and trust me he really delved deep into the 
(and he's way smarter than *most*)

we're lucky he put in the work.

> Why it was felt that '::' as the official
> namespace operator would mess that up is beyond my ken. :(
> thnx,
> Christoph

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