Tom Worster skrev:
On 3/24/09 9:25 AM, "Andrea Giammarchi" <> wrote:

Dunno why you guys started talk about utf-8 problems, he has a list of ids
which should contain only unsigned integers, otherwise I do not get how that
query could work with an implode(',', $whatever) rather than 'id in
("'.implode('","', array_map('mysql_real_escape_string', $whatever)).'")' ...
so, the problem could be more about missed ids in the array obtaining ,, ...
so, in this case, array_filter before, no?

it's certainly possible. but the way toke described his problem did not
imply that his ids were unsigned integers.

SELECT FROM ... WHERE id IN ('aardvark', 'abacus', 'abbey', ..., 'zulu',

AS written else it is not a problem with either implode nor with string,
Only when sending debug info via unformatted mail.
Which really should not give this problem, but it does one day I'll have time to figure out exactly what does trigger this error.


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