Per Jessen skrev:
Andrea Giammarchi wrote:

Dunno why you guys started talk about utf-8 problems, he has a list of
ids which should contain only unsigned integers, otherwise I do not
get how that query could work with an implode(',', $whatever)

Very good point - maybe the OP has not yet tested his code that far?  Is
there a possibility that some of the id's are _not_ just plain integers
made up of 0-9?


And exatly the reason I tried the following:
$list[] = $row['uid'];
$list[] = intval($row['uid']);
$list[] = mb_convert_encoding($row['uid'], 'iso-8859-1');
$list[] = mb_convert_encoding(intval($row['uid']), 'iso-8859-1');

My best bet as for now:
It isn't implode there's the problem, but the length of the string

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