I have a GSM modem connected to /dev/ttyS0 and would like to use php
to communicate with the modem. Writing works perfectly like this:


but reading is a little problem because if the modem for example answers
to the "AT+CMGL" message I sent to it with the command above it does NOT
put an EOF at the end of the stream. For example the following code

while (!feof($fp)) {

blocks after it read the last char and waits for the next char that will
never come. I tried to use filesize() and 
 fseek ($fp,0,SEEK_END); 
 print ftell($fp);
to find out the length of the answer of the modem but it didn't work.

Anybody knows a solution? For example a timeout parameter of fread, fgetc?
Or whatever ...


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Tobias Fritz

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