I have install php and i want to create email direct....

but when i run my php...but i get error message

Warning: Failed to Connect in e:/learn/php/mail.php on line 24
email failed 

or i need to add object mail in php....
anyone help me with this...

my code like this...

<title>Update User</title>


$applicant = "Hendra";
$company = "PT. Sistem Intergra Indonesia";
$phone = "324592";

$subjek = "Testing php script";
$header ="\nForm: hrd.co.id\n";
$body = "\nName : " .quotemeta($application).
 "\nCompany : " .quotemeta($company).
 "\phone : " .quotemeta($phone);

$success = mail($to, $subjek, $body, $header);

if ($success)
 echo("email has been send");
 echo("email failed");





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