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aurfal...@gmail.com wrote:
Hi all,
I'm unsure how to describe this but I'll try.
The following code works fine in its own PHP script;
$mkdircmd = '/bin/mkdir /homes/'.$uid;
But when placed in a larger PHP script being part of the
ldap_provisioning module in Drupal, the Drupal GUI is blank until I
$mkdircmd = "'/bin/mkdir /homes/'.$uid";
... were I surrounded the variable with "", which causes it to not

$mkdircmd = "/bin/mkdir /homes/$uid";
$mkdircmd = "/bin/mkdir /homes/${uid}";

Should fix the syntax.

I guess you've already solved the permissions problem on the / homes/
folder (normally the web server would not be able to create such a
path because of permission issues).

Blank GUI - no idea. Anything in the error logs (php or apache) ?

Maybe asking on a drupal specific list would be a better idea for
that one.

-- Postgresql & php tutorials

Thanks Chris.

I appreciate the response.  I was hoping my description wasn't too
vague because I don't really understand what I'm doing.

- aurf

This might sound stupid because I've not played with Drupal, but
wrong with using the mkdir command in PHP instead of the exec call?


Hi Ash,

I didn't know there was one.

Lemme study it up, thanks for the suggestion.

- aurf

PHP can do everything ;)


Wow, it does chown and chmod as well, thats friggen cool.

Ok, then, I'm sold, PHP can do everything...

... but save us from ourselves. Sorry, I had to kik that in. Tech will be the death of us all, wahahahahahaaaaa :)

- aurf

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