Shawn McKenzie wrote:
Chris wrote:
Wow, it does chown and chmod as well, thats friggen cool.
chown will only work if the script is running as root which I doubt your
drupal site will be.

Or if the script is running as a user/group that has write permissions
to the dir/file that your trying to chown.

chmod may allow that, but not chown.

server:~# groupadd test
server:~# useradd a -g test
server:~# useradd b -g test
server:~# mkdir /test
server:~# chown a.test /test
server:~# su - a
No directory, logging in with HOME=/
a...@server:/$ cd test
a...@server:/test$ chmod 775 .
a...@server:/test$ touch a
a...@server:/test$ chmod 664 a
a...@server:/test$ chown b.test a
chown: changing ownership of `a': Operation not permitted

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