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> The strategy depends on how complicated the database is. If it is single
> table, then Oracle can export that to a CSV file which MySQL can import.
> You simply have to make sure the column types match. If it is more
> complex, then you need to spend some time translating the relationships
> from the Oracle schema into a MySQL schema. There is no one to one
> correspondence here, in spite of the promises of the SQL standards. Once
> you have done that, you may still be able to use the CSV files, but will
> need to determine what order to import them and how to restore the
> relevant indexes.

I think this idea solves it a lot. i have like 4 to 7 tables only and both
database has the same schema. So, CSV would be a good idea. I just thinking
of a better idea to eliminate manual tasks it involves here.

And reading from CSV, that I can manage with phpCodes or using the params in

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