Awesome, you guys rock! Now I have a bunch of stuff to play around with and the 
more I read about these functions and try playing around with them the more I 
think I'll learn about this stuff. This is great! Thanks again!

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2009/4/7 Chris <>:
>> I guess there are multiple ways to engage this problem. It depends how
>> "deep" you want to log the traffic. If you just want to count the
>> traffic of each image, video etc you could just wrap up each image and
>> video to go through php first with file_get_contents() (look in the
>> php manual there are some examples how to work with this), count how
>> many bytes of data will be sent out and log this in a database or
>> however you want to do this.
> While it's a good suggestion, don't use file_get_contents because it reads
> the whole file in to memory.
> If you use it on a 200Meg movie, it uses > 200Meg of memory.
> Use filesize() to work out the size.
> Then use fpassthru to shove the data through.
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Just another small addition I just got from the php manual:

You can use readfile() instead of fpassthru() so you don't have to use fopen().

pseudo code updated:

if ( used_bandwith + filesize > allowed_bandwidth)
 write_in_database(used_bandwith = used_bandwith + filesize)

Theres always something to learn in PHP Land.

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