At 2:46 PM +0100 4/7/09, Nick Cooper wrote:
Sorry to side track the issue, but when did this happen to you on GoDaddy?
I have never experienced this problem. I have been using them for two years
and I often leave domains in the checkout and come back sometimes days later
and they're still $7.95.

This is of interest to me as well.

My old registrar was sold to and the new guys have some serious problems.

I've been thinking about combining my ~70 domain names into a single registrar and GoDaddy looks good thus far.

So, I would like to know what problems people have-had/are-having with GoDaddy.

I already know what problems I'm having with my current registrar -- which has been a giant step backwards in services at an increased cost. How can people screw up something they bought? Beats me.




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