Peter Ford wrote:

> O. Lavell wrote:
>> Peter Ford wrote:


>>> I do accept that the metadata should be machine-readable: that part of
>>> your project is reasonable and I'm fairly sure that ought to be
>>> possible with something simple. The best bet I found so far is PDFTK
>>> ( which is a command-line tool that you
>>> could presumably call with exec or whatever...
>> Like I said, this is what I am already doing with the pdfinfo utility
>> from xpdf.
> Sorry - I guess I didn't read that bit carefully enough...

No problem at all, I was really glad someone wanted to share their 
thoughts anyway after it first seemed that no one was interested.


>> So thank you again for pushing me in that direction, even if
>> unintentionally and despite the fact that what I am doing goes against
>> your judgement ;)
> As I know only too well, you can't always choose your customers
> (especially if they choose you...) and you certainly can't control all
> of the sources of data you have to deal with!


> I have spent many hours/days/possibly longer hacking through files that
> are in one form to get data into another, and PDF is the one that always
> makes me nervous :(

So far you, Tedd and I agree on this. The so-called portable document 
format is a rather convoluted thing.

> My judgement is certainly not final, or even particularly important: if
> I had time I would also look into at least getting the metadata with
> pure PHP.
> Good luck...

Thank you. If I did have the time (to spare) I would feel almost obliged 
to try to figure it out. Perhaps in a week or two...

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