Hello everyone,

i have an issue with stream_set_timeout and ssl.
I've written a php irc newsbot and my code looks like this:


while (!feof($con['socket']))
stream_set_timeout($con['socket'], $CONFIG['qtime']);


I need this timeout because i want to read the news every X seconds from the Database.
I use

$con['buffer'] = trim(fgets($con['socket'], 4096));

to get the data. If i don't use the stream_set_timeout the bot would wait until it recieves data.

In fact this solution works, but only if i connect with fsockopen to a non ssl connection.

If i use a ssl connection steam_set_timeout seems to be ignored.

Any clues or workarounds?


PS: You can download the whole code on http://muzybot.de/phpircbot.tar.gz or http://muzybot.de/phpircbot.zip

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