I have got an extension loaded in all three of my php config files (in cli, in cgi, and in apache2 directories). The functions in the extension are all accessible when running test scripts from the command line, like:

php init.php

for example, in the init.php file I have calls to several of the functions in my loaded extension. I also can print out the functions like this:


However, when I run these thru apache, all calls to the functions in my loaded extension fail even though the extension is present. If I do


I see my loaded extension "vrad" printed out as expected indicating it is loaded. If I run:

if (extension_loaded("vrad"))

it comes back true which further indicates that the extension is indeed loaded.

But if I call using apache any of the functions in the loaded extension, or if I call:

all I get is a blank white page with no errors.

I would think that as long as the extension is loaded in both the cli php.ini and the apache2 php.ini, I would get the same results from the loaded extension. Any idea why it work thru the cli and not apache?



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