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> I know of no way you can do this. Not only would any potential solution
> be too slow, but it would affect other users of the server, and more
> than likely result in an email from you hosting provider!
> Have you considered using YouTube for videos? Just upload them there,
> and you can embed their player in your pages.

Some people have private videos, and that would require Youtube to
have an API, otherwise he would have to say "hey, go here and upload
your videos and then paste your link!"

What do you mean "I know of no way you can do this" ?

I've got two different styles of installation doing video conversions
on two platforms with cronjobs controlling them using system() calls
through PHP to ffmpeg.

One of them uses ffmpeg-php to identify the source file ahead of time
to try to get basic info like the dimensions and aspect ratio and such
so when it does it's long ffmpeg command line it puts in some extra
parameters to make the conversion work well...

I have a 3 webserver cluster that does nginx+php-fpm+up to one convert
job at a time and there is no noticable impact to my end users. In
fact, I'm looking to replace them with slightly beefier machines so
the convert jobs can move faster and I have more resources available
in general...

What I had meant is I am not sure ffmpeg-php has enough of the API and
functions available to do a proper conversion, which is why I
recommended using system() for now.

It would be major brownie points for someone to beef up ffmpeg-php and
add in things like mp4box, neroAacEnc and other conversion tools all
into PHP API calls with appropriate return values, I try to stay away
from system() calls if I can; also, the imagick PECL extension dumps
core files too often (on an unrelated note) and that could use some
additional help too.

I would love to pool some money together to sponsor some stuff like
that. I dislike having to use system() for my imagemagick calls as

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