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> If you'll note, the original question was to find a way which did not
> require ffmpeg. I should really have rephrased that to say "I know of no
> way you can do this without ffmpeg". I've used ffmpeg and mencoder
> myself to transcode videos to flv, but in environments where I had full
> control over the server. Short of moving servers (or at least moving
> this part of the work to another server) I see no clear way to do it.

I think in the original question (I have it deleted now) he didn't say
he didn't have access to it, but later he did.

Then I kinda just veered off into general discussion about it.

There -are- API-based services for video transcoding. They're all PPV
(pay-per-view) so you pay for how much you use...

- Softlayer offers it to customers (http://www.softlayer.com) - it
would be a very fast transfer too as you'd be on the same network as
the conversion servers
- http://www.gomediaplug.com/ appears to leverage EC2 itself
- http://www.multicastmedia.com/solutions/eat.php "Transcoding as a service"

Also, the OP could leverage Amazon's EC2 and make an encoding farm
(all depending on budget) - again it is PPV too, so it will only
charge for how much he actually needs. Isn't utility computing great?

(Or just install Ubuntu/some OS yourself and setup ffmpeg on your EC2
boxes yourself)

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