Thanks.  I got my script updated.  Ron

On Sun, 2009-04-12 at 22:33 +0600, 9el wrote:
>         One thing you should know is that when you use $_GET, you'll
>         be sending a little information about the particular page to
>         the browser and therefore it would be displayed in the address
>         bar so for example if you're using get on a login page, you'll
>         be showing user id and passwrod in the address bar. $_POST
>         does the exact opposite of $_GET in that aspect and it's
>         ideal. $_REQUEST does both.
> Its also important to know that some critical information like
> multipart meta data cant be sent via get. And GET method is not safe
> too.
> Large chunks of data are sent via POST method.
> $_REQUEST is not advised to use for security reasons.. there are
> senior and experienced programmers here who will elaborate more onto
> this :) 

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