On Apr 12, 2009, at 1:48 PM, Ron Piggott wrote:

Thanks.  I got my script updated.  Ron

There are a few other thing's that I didn't see mentioned...

The best description of when to use what, is this.. Use POST when you are submitting a form for storing info, using GET when you are retrieving from the server...

GET can also be bookmarked and shared between computers without a problem... So depending on what your app is for that might be a consideration.

POST does not display anything in the browser, so as others have said it's perfect for login's since that info will never be visible to the user.

as far as REQUEST goes... I personally don't think it's any less secure then POST or GET... As long as you do sanitization on the info that is appropriate for your app, REQUEST is fine..

Some people prefer to use GET and POST though because then they know where the info is coming from...

I think that's everything I wanted to add :)
Just stuff to think about.

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