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.o] >hi
.o] >i have a problem with variables received from a formular..
.o] >imagine this is the important part of the form:
.o] >
.o] >         <select multiple name="extras">
.o] >           <option>Cheese</option>
.o] >           <option>Tomatoes</option>
.o] >           <option>Onions</option>
.o] >         </select>
.o] >
.o] >and now.. what does the variable $extras look like? is it an array? don't 
.o] >have any imaginations...
.o] Hi Tim!
.o] If you want to perform a multiple select on a form like yours, you should 
.o] name it as extras[]. It turns the variable into an array, so you can acess 
.o] them just calling $extras[0] and so.
.o] If you call the form simply "extras", the variable will be a string, not an 
.o] array. The brackets [] are the point on this subject.
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