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Subject: Re: [PHP] try - catch is not so clear to me...

Basically try-catch gives you the ability to handle errors outside a class or 
method scope, by the calling instance.
This comes in handy, if you are programming in an object orientated way and 
thus enables you to seperate error handling from the rest of your functionality.
Means, your methods do only the things, they are meant to do, without bothering 
to handling occuring errors.
Hope, that made things clearer.

Greetings from Germany


Lamp Lists wrote:

>>  hi to all!
>> actually, the statement in the Subject line is not 100% correct. I 
>> understand the purpose and how it works (at least I think I understand :-)) 
>> but to me it's so complicated way?

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Looks like I still didn't get it correctly:

    if (!send_confirmation_email($email, $subject, $content))
        throw new Exception('Confirmation email is not sent');

catch (Exception $e)
    send_email_with_error_to_admin($e, $content);

why am I getting both emails? I'm receiving confirmation email and email with 
error message - that I'm supposed to get if the first one is not sent for some 

thanks for any help.



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