Hi guys,

I've been learning about object oriented programming and I wrote this test
class but it doesn't seem to be working, it throws no errors but doesn't
insert anything to the database either. I have made sure that the data being
sent when the class is instantiated is valid.

I'm probably missing something simple here...

I have already

class RecipeCreator
        private $rtitle;
        private $problem;
        private $solution;

        function __construct ($t, $p, $s)
                if(!isset($t, $p, $s))
                        throw new Exception ('Missing parameters for
__construct, need $title $problem and $solution');

                $this->rtitle   = mysql_real_escape_string($t);
                $this->problem  = mysql_real_escape_string($p);
                $this->solution = mysql_real_escape_string($s);

        public function saveRecipe()
                $query = "INSERT INTO recipe (title, problem, solution)
VALUES ('".$this->rtitle."',



Many thanks,
Luke Slater

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